Point System

Hopefully you’ve noticed we use a betting bank and allocate points for our selections. In order to beat the bookies long term we have to be patient and this is best way. I know this is hard but trust me it will work out in the long run. Remember it’s a marathon not a sprint.

Okay what is a betting bank and what are points?

A betting bank is a set amount of money that you can afford to gamble with. This could be £50, £100, £200 – basically any amount you want and more importantly can afford. Now this is where the points come into play. If you had a betting bank of say £50, then 1pt would equal 50p. £100 and then 1pt would equal £1 and then £200 would equal £2. One point should always be 1% of your bankroll and this should be rolling daily. So you always start the day with 100 points. This will ensure during lean spells your bankroll is protected. On every tip we send, we’ll be placing pts against it. So 2pts e/w using a betting bank of £100 would be £2 e/w which = £4. Our aim is to continually increase your betting bank, but this takes patience. For Example - Since 01/01/16 till the 28/02/17 we have made 1293 PTS. Using a betting bank of £100 at £1 per PT that would be £1293 profit from £1 bets or £12,930 from £10 bets. Sticking to a plan like this can always keep you ahead of the game and with patience and obviously luck you will reap the rewards.
We are often asked to recommend a bookmaker, whilst the choice is ultimately yours, we find Bet365 the best and easiest to use. They offer a matched deposit bonus too, so that your 100 point bank when you join will effectively double and you are starting off with twice the money. e.g If you join with a betting bank of £200, they will add £200 to your balance. If you don’t already have an account take advantage of this offer here and get your journey with us off to the best possible start.