Frequently Asked Questions

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Register an account and purchase the premium membership.


Place your bets using our tips. Tips are posted on our website and automatically shared to our Facebook page and delivery to your mailbox.


Track your winnings with our point system.


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How do I join?

Simply visit our membership page and follow the instructions

How do I pay and how much is it?

Our fee is £20.00 inc vat, per month. We accept payment via Paypal. Membership can be cancelled at anytime via the website.

How do I receive your tips?

The tips are posted in the premium horse tips section of the website. They are also automatically sent to your mailbox and shared onto our Facebook page.

How many selections do you send?

It varies day to day but on average we send around 4 between us. On average we outlay 9pts a day but again this can vary depending on the racing. We will not tip for the sake of it.

What is the point system and how does it work?

You can find detailed information about this on the point system page.

I joined but I didn't receive any email with tips?

You may have joined us after we have sent our email. All tips are posted on website so you can view them that way until the next days email is ready. Always check your junk email incase they have landed there.

Do you have a Facebook group and how do I join it?

You can join our Facebook group at this url: url here

I've been a member for a few days but I didn't win anything. Why is that?

We are very good at what we do but we can't win every single day. If it was that easy, we would be living in Barbados tipping from a luxury yacht. The reality is we are human and don't possess a working crystal ball (Yet). We have a staking system which is designed to lessen any losses but this shouldn't be looked at as a get rich quick scheme.

What does NAP and NB stand for?

NAP is our best bet and NB is our next best.

Still have questions? Contact us: